Tribalion KIDS

For a healthy future!
Parents, bring your children together to enjoy a unique race, genius gathering and develop a sporting spirit!

We want to teach them on time that play and socializing out of the house is priceless. Sport, socializing and adventure as the synonyms of a healthy childhood are the right path! From small, competitive, athletes who love all types of outside activities, to children who just want to be part of a healthy, positive and motivational community!

Be sure, children are never too young to set themselves up for goals and strive to achieve them! That is the way, that we adults, need to show them.

NOTE: The length of the track and all obstacles are absolutely adapted to children of all ages!
Parents are obliged to fill in the initial application for their child upon arriving at the start of the race.


Children will compete in the following categories:

♦ Children up to 7 years of age (parents must run with children);

♦ Children 6 to 10 years of age (parents are not permitted to run along the path with children)

Time to race day

Registration for Tribalion KIDS

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