Tribalion race – Serbia


  1. Competitors in the race participate on their own responsibility

By sending a completed race application, competitors confirm that they are fully familiar with the rules of the race and declare that they run at their own risk.

The organizer is completely free of responsibility for the injuries sustained during the race, as well as responsibility for the loss of things and property of the competitors.

  1. Participation under the age of 18

Competitors under the age of 18 can participate in the race exclusively with the written consent of the parent / guardian and in the presence of the same at the race.

  1. Crossing obstacles

If the competitor is not able to overcome the obstacle, he is obliged to do 20 “burpees” in front of the referee. 

Each competitor must try to overcome every obstacle. An attempt to cross an obstacle is defined as “touching an obstacle”, which means that every competitor is obliged to prevent the approach and touch it. In the event of a “water” obstacle, the competitor is obliged to enter the water directly next to the obstacle. In the event of contrary behavior, the competitor will be disqualified.

It is forbidden to practice obstacles before the race has started.

The competitor is obliged to carry a visible starting number throughout the duration of the race.

  1. Race route

The movement through the marked route of the race is the responsibility of each competitor. It is forbidden to start outside the start line, make alternative route between obstacles, the use of any mean of transport. Any departure from the race route is a reason for disqualification.

  1. Assistance from third parties (other than participants in the race)

Use of any help from third parties during the race is prohibited. It is forbidden to take equipment, food or water from third parties, unless they come from the organizer of the race. Verbal communication with medical personnel is permitted, as well as the help of other competitors in overcoming the obstacle.

  1. Time limit

The organizer can set a time limit to complete the race. This is the time limit for the competitor to cross all obstacles and finish the race.

  1. Sports behavior

The competitors are expected to play fair through the race. Non-sporting behavior is the reason for disqualification of competitors.

  1. Medical assistance to an injured competitor

The competitor is obliged to assist another competitor who is not able to continue the race due to injuries and to wait with him the arrival of the representative of the organizer or medical team who will provide the injured person first aid.

  1. Measuring time and ranking of competitors

The time is measured from the start of the each competitor until the competitor crosses over the finish line. The winner of the race is a competitor who passes the finish line first, crossing over all the obstacles.

  1. Investing complaints against results

The final deadline for lodging complaints of any kind is 15 minutes after the end of the race itself. The race is over when the last competitor crosses the finish line or when the race time is up.

  1. Cancelling or moving the race date

Due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances that may jeopardize the safety of the competitors, the organizer has the right to cancel or delay the start of the race. In the event of cancellation by the competitor more than 40 days prior the scheduled start of the race, the money for the paid registration fee is fully refunded. If the competitor has canceled the participation less than 40 days prior the scheduled start of the race, no refund is possible, but that competitor may give the other person his starting package if he has paid the registration fee already.

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Time to race day


Online applications

The contestants apply by filling in the application form for this website. The competitor receives an email confirmation that the application has been received. The application is considered valid when the competitor receives a confirmation from the organizer and makes a payment to the organizer.

Tribalion adventure, Tara mountain and Bajina Bašta are waiting for you!