Tribalion Challenge

Challenge for the warrior!

Tribalion Challenge is a race that reaches the very core of true adventure!

Tribalion Challenge is an obstacle course race (OCR) at Mountain Tara in Serbia! With close to thousand participants per race, Tribalion OCR is the biggest obstacle course race in the region. The route of the race, passes through one of the most magnificent parts of mountain Tara. Through the plateau of the Monastery dwellings, the trail leads along the rim of the deep canyon of river Raca, to the irresistible gazebos, through the water of the canyon of river Jarevac and through the lake Jarevac.

In the 23 km long and 1150 meters vertical climb, there will be 35 challenging and attractive obstacles. High walls, rope climbing, crawling through the mud, carrying sand jacks, towing loads, hitting the hammer in the target, swimming, water obstacles in the canyon, parts of the route that are almost vertical, are just some of the obstacles that await you at Tribalion!

There are judges at each obstacle, who will ensure that each participant crosses over or attempts to overcome any obstacle. For the obstacles you do not pass, there is a replacement exercise – “Burpees”.

Gift from the Tribalion

Each competitor gets a Tribalion dri fit shirt, and each competitor who finishes the race gets a Finisher medal!

Strenght, perseverance, decisiveness - do you have it all?

An unpredictable terrain and special Tribalion barriers separate you from the goal and achievement to prove yourself  that you can do everything.

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