Tribalion Green

Adventure in your heart!

Tribalion Green is obstacle course race with recreational character, but with all the elements of real adventure.

Tribalion OCR

Route lengths is 12 kilometers, with 20 obstacles, is adapted to recreation and nature lovers who wants to enjoy the challenge! It was created to the extent of a modern man who likes to try something new and enjoy the unexpected!

Expect obstacles with tires, skipping the beam, dragging under the beam, hitting the target, carrying a load (10-15kg), dragging under the wire, crossing ladders, wooden walls, balancing and similar obstacles. The time limit for finishing this route will be 5 hours. Of course, if you can not pass an obstacle, there is a backup version, which is a replacement exercise – “Burpees”!

Tribalion Green is an irresistible adventure and the real reason to leave the city, stretch in the most beautiful mountain of Serbia and fill yourself up with positive energy! This is the right way to try out a new sport that you will surely love, have fun with your team and experience mountain Tara in a new and exciting way!

Gift from the Tribalion

Each competitor gets a Tribalion dri fit T-shirt, and each competitor who finishes the race gets a Finisher medal!

By participating in the Tribalion Green Race, you prove to yourself that you have all the necessary characteristics to deal with the biggest challenge – the Tribalion Challenge.

#dareto contest and break your limits!

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The contestants apply by filling in the application form on this website.